12 creative yet effective strategies to retain employees

Importance of retaining employees

Many employers are starting to learn that employee retention is a better outcome in the long run instead of constantly having to screen and hire new job seekers. For obvious reasons, employee retention helps in cost reduction. Companies spend millions of dollars in finding, recruiting, onboarding, and training new hires yearly. Costs for advertising, interviewing, and training expenses can instead be used in improving other aspects of the business such as reskilling and upskilling current employees, better facilities, and more benefits to offer to the workforce.

Having a constant turnover of employees can negatively affect the morale and engagement of the workforce. Employees who stay with the company constantly lose work connections which could see them shouldering more work and responsibilities – leading to possible burnouts and lower productivity rates.

This then leads to lower output quality, poor customer loyalty, and a decrease in company profit. When employees feel uncared for and continually see their colleagues leave for better offers, it pushes them even more to follow suit in quitting which could be the possible reason why a company will fail.

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12 creative and effective strategies to retain employees

HR leaders should take the lead in handling employee retention levels of the organization. in order to find the right method and strategies that fit the company, they should be able to understand the needs of employees and try different methods to satisfy those needs.