Electric Powered Construction Machines Continue to Grow Exponentially in 2022

Manufacturers are looking towards electrically powered construction machines now more than ever and the numbers of electrically powered machines launched continues to grow in the market. According to certain estimates that nearly 60 electric excavator models have been introduced into market this year (second quarter of 2022).

From a statistical perspective, this generally means that more than 30 % of all new excavators being introduced are electric powered. A report released by Construction Highway indicates that from the 90 over machines specific to the construction industry introduced, more than 35 were electrically powered. These machines included mini excavators, aerial platforms and crawler cranes among others.

Demand for Earthmoving and Road Building Equipment

According to a global survey, the demand for construction machinery integral to earthmoving and road building projects has grown by 26 % since 2021. The growth is mainly attributed to demand for standard and mini excavators because of their practical sizes that allow these machines to be used in congested areas effectively. Companies that offer excavators for hire have started to increase orders for electric powered mini excavators significantly causing manufacturers to afford more emphasis on these machines.

As for fossil fuel powered models, these machines are being equipped with the latest technologies which not only make them fuel efficient, but also versatile, powerful and flexible. Apart from excavators, manufacturers also introduced electric powered tandem rollers which received almost instantaneous positive response from the market worldwide. Other equipment (electric/ battery powered) included aerial platforms as the market received more than thirty new machines within a 3month period and this included scissor lifts which were all battery powered. There was also an electric crane that was launched in June (telescopic crawler).

However, conventional models are keeping up pace with manufacturers such as Komatsu, Volvo CE, Hitachi and Kobelco introducing new generation machines that comply with every regulation there is and then some. For example the latest models from Kobelco such as the 55SRX-7 and the 455RX-7 that subscribe to the Performance X Design Concept which were previously only available for Kobelco’s larger excavator models. These two new models are compact tail swing machines that are approximately on 6.5 inches wide which make them perfect for projects located in urban or residential areas.

They are also suited for domestic small scale projects (home improvement projects) and are capable of a wide variety of tasks albeit on a smaller scale. Bothe these machines are diesel powered and chug out 37 HP making them powerful enough to take on most small scale tasks without any issues.  These machines become even more efficient when operated under the S – Mode (Energy Saving Modes) when they are used for light weight jobs such as moving material about or digging soft earth. Both machines utilise 26 % less fuel in S Mode compared to H Mode. It is also worth to mention that these machines come with standard auto deceleration functions which adds to the efficiency element of these machines.

The counterweight (55SRX-7) weighs nearly 12,000 with the reach of its standard arm being almost 6 feet and in the event a longer arm is required, a longer arm spec is available. The max dig reach is 19 feet 6 inches with the standard arm and has a reach of 20 feet. The 455RX-7 places it close to the 5-ton category (10,030 pounds) and also powered by the Yanmar engine, this machine popular among excavator for hire companies. The reach is slightly lower from the 55SRX-7 model by only a mere two feet. Both machines are also ergonomically designed and have a variety of digital elements that assist in operations enhancing the performance and productivity significantly.