Five Predictions For The Workplace Of The Future

In predicting the future of work or the future in general, we are extrapolating based on what we know now. We typically ignore the other, not-so-prescient predictions when pundits make enough guesses and occasionally one hits the mark, describing these individuals as being prescient. Since we all have imperfect memories, I am not discouraged from making my own predictions about the future of work, even if some do not pan out.

Here’s what I know to be true of the future—it’s fickle. Black or white swan events can alter, reverse or halt any predictions. I liken it to the odds placed when one bets; the longer the odds the less likely you’ll win the bet. The same holds true for predicting the future. The further out into the future your guesses take you, the longer your odds of being right. But, never say never.

My predictions about the workplace are based not solely on trends, although they inform my view, but rather on our stage of life and generational dispositions. I am of the view they both influence our decisions as to how we will organize ourselves in the workplace of the near and not-so-near future. I’ve come up with five themes. Some of them are based on our extended longevity, others our changing demographics, and the rest, our generational dispositions.

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