Google engineer suspended after claims of sentient chatbot

After raising his concern to his manager, he was informed that his evidence was “too flimsy” and that he would need more before the matter was escalated.

According to the engineer, his investigation reached a point where he did not have relevant expertise on the matter, which is why he sought “minimal amount of outside consultation” to help guide him in his probe.

He stressed, however, that he provided a full list of the people that he contacted outside of Google in order to contain any potential leaks.

“At no point has Google reached out to any of them in order to determine whether or not their proprietary information has in fact leaked beyond the specific people I talked to,” said the engineer on his post.

“Google has shown no actual interest in maintaining control over their ‘proprietary information.’ They’re just using it as an excuse to get rid of yet another AI Ethics researcher who made too much noise about their unethical practices.”