JSCM Video: Climate change – It’s a supply chain issue

Editor’s note: This video is collaboration between the Journal of Supply Chain Managementand Supply Chain Management Review. Each month, we bring SCMR readers a video interview from the pages of JSCM.

Earlier this spring, the Journal of Supply Chain Management launched a three-part series on climate change and the supply chain. One look at the annual reports of most publicly-traded companies reveals that combating climate change has become a focus of ES&G initiatives, and that supply chains, especially global supply chains, can play a vital role in a company’s strategy. Afterall, this is a topic that impacts everyone and can have detrimental spillover effects on international markets, trade and tourism. 

In this series, JSCM’s aim is to increase scholarly attention to this topic. The first episode examines why the supply chain academic community should in engage in climate change research. Episode 2, available by clicking here, looks at some examples of research questions that supply chain scholars could consider investigating on climate change.

In this, the third episode, the JSCM team offers suggestions as to how can supply chain scholars move forward from a research methods and data sources perspective. 

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You can access Video 1 by clicking here.
You can access Video 2 by clicking here.