Number of remote workers declined in late 2021

According to the report, most employees who worked from home preferred doing so and attributed their preference to work-life balance and less time commuting. They were also more likely to look for a new job if they are required to return to their offices, according to the report.

These findings reflect the growing dislike of remote work employees across the world over the notion of returning to offices – a growing trend among organisations now that vaccinations are widespread and the pandemic’s effects on society are showing signs of decline.

In a similar study last year from Joblist, 51.5% of employees admitted that they left their organisations or are considering on doing so because they refuse to return to offices.

A study from Ipsos late last year also revealed that 40% of their respondents would consider looking for another job if their managers want them back at the office full-time.

Majority of the respondents said they want their employers to be more flexible in implementing return-to-office schemes, and according to analysts, businesses who do not recognise the emerging importance of flexibility would lose talent.