San Francisco tech firm closing all offices, going remote

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of employees forced to return to the office full-time say this makes them more likely to look for a new job, according to another study. In fact, earlier this month, Ian Goodfellow, director of machine learning at Apple, resigned due to the Cupertino, CA-based company’s return-to-office policy.

With workers out of the office, TaskRabbit is looking to host monthly get-togethers.

TaskRabbit is also giving workers more time to rest. The company is providing corporate employees with two “wellness weeks” a year, during which workers will get paid time off, according to The Washington Post’s report.

Two-thirds of Americans have already taken a workcation and 94% plan to workcation again in 2022 and into the future, according to a survey of more than 1,100 American workers by

While workcations are no panacea, there are some reasons why they could be valuable to employees, particularly amid today’s turbulent times. “For one, they let [you] change up your environment. That in itself could make you more productive and help devise unorthodox solutions to problems you’re stuck on. On top of it, workcations often allow employees to disconnect, distress, and breathe fresh air after the workday, which is key to tackling physical or mental exhaustion,” said Max Woolf, writer at