Supply chain leaders: Lost in the fog of disruption

supply chain issues

The last two years have been uncertain, complex and difficult. While many supply chain leaders have a heightened image, most have struggled to produce impressive results. In fact, the nonstop disruptions over the last two years have resulted in inefficiency, ineffectiveness and poor customer satisfaction.

Supply chain leaders have not had the opportunity to be proactive, as every time they thought they had a path to success another disruption occurred knocking them off into the forest. In my view, supply chain leaders have spent the last two years:

  • Being reactive, not proactive
  • Being tactical, not strategic
  • Managing, not leading
  • Playing defense, not offense

Now, after two years of non-stop disruptions it is important that we look ahead and get back on top of where we are heading. Let’s face it, the disruptions over the last two years have changed our businesses and we are late in refocusing our direction.

Supply chain leaders need to regain the momentum and focus on:

Being reactive and proactive. Sure, disruptions will continue, and we must react to these disruptions; however, the supply chain of today is drastically different than the supply chain of 2020. We have major staffing, process and technology problems. These problems must be proactively addressed with agility, resilience and optionality.

Being tactical and strategic. For the last two years we have shifted and primarily worked from home solving problems. We found satisfaction in solving problems and achieved a sense of accomplishment working at the tactical level. 

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