Too Busy to Learn? Think Again.

March 2022 | Leadership

You know something needs to change, but you “don’t have the time.” Maybe your leadership feels tired — you find yourself doing the same things in the same ways even though you know there are probably better courses of action. Or you’re having a hard time keeping up with changes in your industry. Or the challenges you are facing (about your supply chain, a shrinking workforce, or greater competition) are getting overwhelming.

Recognizing the need for new knowledge is the easy part. But making time to acquire it turns out to be one of the biggest roadblocks to executive development. The good news is that overcoming it might be easier than you think. Wharton’s General Management Program (GMP) is designed to fit into already-overloaded executive schedules.

Rigorous, flexible learning journey

Billy Greineisen, PhD, director of strategy and corporate development at Cox Enterprises, acknowledged that excelling in his current role, and preparing for opportunities in the future, was going to take effort. “I knew it was important, so I did the research,” he says. “There are a number of prestigious ‘mini MBAs’ offered out there. But the GMP stood out to me. It offered Wharton’s expertise and rigor coupled with flexibility. I was just about to become a first-time father when I registered for the program, so I had to think more logistically about the opportunity. 

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