IRS ‘outgunned’ by non-compliant businesses, Rettig says

Dive Brief:

  • IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told a House panel Thursday that the agency lacks the funding and resources necessary for auditing a large number of big companies that file questionable tax returns.
  • “Our ability to enforce the tax laws against non-compliant taxpayers with complex returns continues to be hampered by a lack of resources,” Rettig said in testimony to a subcommittee under the House Oversight and Reform Committee. “We can no longer audit a respectable percentage of large corporations, and we are often limited in the issues reviewed among those we do audit.”
  • “These corporations can afford to spend large amounts on legal counsel, drag out proceedings and bury the government in paper,” Rettig said in written testimony to the subcommittee on government operations. “We are, quite simply, outgunned in our efforts to assure a high degree of compliance for these taxpayers.”

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