NFTs And The Great Diving Board

VSA Partners recently announced a collaboration with Rare Air Media to help launch an intimate collection of Michael Jordan NFTs. VSA Partners is a premier creator partner for crypto solutions company Ripple’s $250 Million USD Creator Fund, established to help creators, agencies, and the marketplace explore and create premium NFTs and other tokenization projects on the XRP Ledger. In the following piece, CMO Sarah Lent, shares why—and how—brands can take advantage of this rapidly emerging and expanding medium to forge new connections with their customers.

With each industrial revolution, the cycle of change and disruption gets a little faster, a little more condensed.

We’ve all heard the anecdotes about companies that leapt into new seas of opportunity such as Apple and Netflix, and their unfortunate counterparts who waited just a little too long and lost a little too much—think BlackBerry and Blockbuster.

But what is that magic moment of decision-making?

How does a brand decide when it’s time to jump in? And where to even start?

This question feels particularly pressing in our current environment, as the emergence of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse signal a major shift in how brands and consumers will interact. Although the landscape is still developing, the major plot points are this:

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