Job Interview & Hiring: How to carry out a consistent and collaborative selection process with the STAR technique

Mateus Rocha regularly uses the STAR interview technique throughout the hiring process – together with his team. In this article he explains his approach.

Hiring good people is difficult. Hiring great people is brutally difficult. And yet, nothing matters more in winning than having the right people on the field.

Jack Welch in Winning

When it comes to hiring professionals, we need to be aware of the purpose of the person in the organization, what role they will play, what are the expectations regarding the intended position and what problem this hiring helps to solve for the team and company.

For this reason it is extremely important that hiring is shared not only between HR and managers. Hiring needs to be shared with those who will actually be on the front line with the hired professional, sharing challenges and who have a better context about the work that needs to be developed: Hiring needs to be shared with the TEAM. 

I believe that after this statement, some questions are making your head a little dizzy, like:

  • “But… when in this vital industry were our employees trained to conduct interviews and hire people?”
  • “Is our team mature enough to interview a candidate?”
  • “But isn’t hiring just the manager’s responsibility?”
  • “And if the team hires wrong, what then?”

In fact, these are very relevant and important questions for the hiring process.

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