Meet me in the Metaverse

When COVID sent employees to work from home, Accenture, like most companies, faced the challenge of how to onboard new employees when you can’t bring them to the office. The consulting giant’s solution was to bring them to the Nth Floor for orientation.

The Nth Floor is a virtual workspace where colleagues can collaborate with the assistance of a VR headset as if they were all in the same room together. “We shipped the device to new hires and then did training sessions on the Nth Floor,” Yusuf Tayob, group chief executive of operations, said in an interview. “I have my Oculus device sitting across from me on my desk, and I can go to the Nth floor now, and there will be people collaborating on projects.”

Without question, there is interest on the part of business – think Facebook’s name change to Meta – and on the part of supply chain managers. An article on the Metaverse by Roit Kathiala, a retail fast-fashion supply chain leader, was the most widely-reader article on the month it was published.

That’s an anecdotal data point. However, Meet me in the Metaverse, Accenture’s Technology Vision 2022 survey, highlights two key points. One is that 78% of CSCO’s have successfully adapted to pandemic-related disruption, and that “newer technologies – like the metaverse – are at the epicenter of CSCO leadership decisions.”

Second is that 48% of CSCO’s
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