State of flux

Where there’s change, there are new possibilities — and opportunities to take action, transform, and move forward. But in a new normal, in which circumstances change by the day, the possibilities of tomorrow can be hard to spot. Learn more about reconfiguring for a remade world: Hello, tomorrow.

The energy transition is fully underway. Indeed, the forces of policy, investment, and technological change have put into place a set of dynamics not seen in the energy sector since the Industrial Revolution. Spurred by innovation, capital, and regulation, business models are evolving rapidly, forging new equations for creating value. As companies and investors place decarbonization at the center of their strategy, societal and consumer pressures are compelling new forms of collaboration. More than 190 countries have committed to the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement, and the recent net-zero pronouncements by China and the Biden administration have transformed governments from cheerleaders to directors of the transition. From South Korea to Europe, massive economic stimulus packages are aimed at building more resilient and sustainable economies and energy systems.

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