Top Remote Work Tools For Great Productivity and Efficiency

More and more businesses are shifting toward remote work to provide the employees with a better work-life balance. Not only this but according to a report by exploding topics,  57% of employees believe that they are more productive when working remotely. However, understanding the needs of your offsite team and effectively connecting with them might turn out to be a challenging task. 

Remote teams need robust remote software to facilitate collaboration and communication to efficiently face the challenges related to time zones and managing processes. Integrating with the technology in your remote working environment makes it super convenient for remote teams to collaborate. Furthermore, these top remote work tools also help to effortlessly hire many new talents from different places to participate in your team. 

Communication and real-time collaborations are the most highlighted concerns of remote working. Hence, it’s crucial to find the best suitable tools that enable your team to be on the same page. A report from TrustRadius says that almost two third of businesses are increasing their investment rate in web conferencing software. These tools and software help to provide access to the employees ensuring the success of the project. 

Below, I have outlined some of the amazing statistics that you must know about the rising demand for remote working tools. 

  • The collaboration tools helping the digital workspace are expected to generate over $17B by 2025. (Apps Run The World)
  • 23% of employees feel that virtual meeting tools prove to be more effective while working remotely. (Owl Labs) 
  • Global end-users spending on cloud-based conferencing is estimated to reach almost $5 billion by the end of 2023. (Gartner)
  • 67% of businesses have increased their investment rate on web conferencing tools. (TrustRadius)

Top Tools for Remote Work 

Getting the right productivity tool serves as the key component to getting things done effectively. And, choosing the right tool is even more important when you have a distributed team. Here, I have mentioned some of the Top tools for remote work that will help you strengthen your team’s efficiency and productivity. 

Best Tool For Employee Recruitment and Onboarding: Birbal 

Birbal is my personal favorite video interviewing software that helps organizations to streamline their complex and lengthy hiring processes. Onboarding new employees remotely include one of the biggest challenges that businesses face today. A survey by Workables New World of Record says that 37.4% of employees feel that remote onboarding and training involve a leading challenge when hiring virtually.  

However, software tools like Birbal help your hiring process with faster sifting, screening interviewing, and hiring. The tool allows businesses to create and manage multiple job descriptions using its amazing preset templates simply from a single platform only. Moreover, we all know that hiring in person might increase the chances of favoritism towards one candidate even unintentionally. 

But with top AI tools like Birbal enables you to hire the best new talents by using its bias-free decision-making feature. With Birbal, you can invite bulk candidates while automating the entire interviewing process. It provides smoother employee management internally. Not only so, but it also helps you to cut down the major onboarding costs and time. 


  • Provides preset questionnaires with easy access
  • Mass interview scheduling 
  • AI Video Interviewing 
  • Natural language processing-based verbal assessment 
  • Data-backed analysis and reports

Benefits of using Birbal: 

  • Data-driven and actionable insights help to make a wise decision
  • Provides secured cloud servers 
  • Allows candidates to give interviews based on their availability 
  • Analytics based screening

Best Tool For Team Collaboration: Slack 

The internal communication of every organization includes a significant part of its success. Hence, a tool like slack can do wonders for opening up communication within the team. The best tool for effective collaboration allows its member to be more transparent in reaching the entire team for more personal and emotional topics. 

The collaboration tool allows you to record voice or video messages directly within the Slack Desktop App. With Slack, you can organize your work life quickly while simplifying the work for every team member. The tools provide remote workers with a perfect virtual office environment while removing the biggest communication gap that a distributed team might face. 


  • Video message feature
  • Private channels for smaller conversations 
  • Search functions
  • Enables app integrations


  • Offers a free version as well 
  • Faster operations 
  • Easy content sharing

Best Tool For Communication: Zoom 

You must have heard about Zoom which is one of the most popular tools for video calls and screen sharing. No doubt, the tool is a perfect video conferencing enabling users to effectively share their screen or portion of their screens with anyone. 

It provides some amazing features like a virtual whiteboard that makes it easy to demonstrate a point. The tool makes communication effective with its HD voice and video. Furthermore, it enables members to message each other privately for smaller or direct interactions. 


  • Enable to create your own custom background 
  • Allows videos to appear over PowerPoint slides
  • Video filter ad affects 
  • Built-in collaborations 


  • Provides free version 
  • HD video and audio 
  • Provides end-to-end encryptions for meetings
  • Provides transcripts

Best Tool For Project Management: Asana 

Asana provides one of the most powerful and free project management tools, ideal for small to medium teams. The feature that makes it such a powerful tool includes its easy and smooth learning curve for all skill levels. The tool provides every team member with the option to view projects in the list. 

Unlike any other project management tool, Asana, helps teams collaborate and track their projects effectively. Furthermore, Asana helps your team members to feel more proactive with the things they need to do every day. It allows its users to become more decisive and confident with their task completion by supporting their end goals. 


  • Enables to track progress
  • Expansive integration
  • Allows collaborations
  • Custom calendar


  • Easy to use 
  • Provides focus mode 
  • Pop up notifications and reminders 

Best Tool For File-Sharing and Cloud Storage: Google Drive 

Google Drive tool for file sharing and cloud storage has quickly caught up offering more space with its free accounts. Unlike other storage options that don’t provide enough upgrade options for additional storage makes Google Drive is a better pick for a digital workspace environment. 

The file hosting service by Google Drive makes it super convenient for employees to save all the files (whether it’s an image, a video, or a long PDF) in the cloud. Hence, making your file sharing process easy and accessible on almost every device. Integrating with Google Drive also reduces the risk of file loss due to any failure with the hard drive. Users can simply use a folder to organize anything in the app. 


  • Offers team collaboration 
  • Advanced search options 
  • Enabling the staring option to important files 
  • Provides custom links


  • View all types of files 
  • Work offline 
  • Can easily convert PDFs to Docs 

Best Tool For Productivity Monitoring: Todoist 

While working remotely it becomes difficult to monitor one’s productivity effectively. Hence, tools like Todoist provides a simple yet powerful to-do list that helps employees to organize their work lives effectively. 

Other tools like Evernote, Microsoft-To-Do, and others are either too feature-loaded or too less, making it hard for users to manage and monitor tasks. Where Todoist struck the perfect balance of features and usability. Not only so but this tool also enables the users to easily access the app while providing the best suitable free-to-use app.


  • Track logins 
  • Enables sharing and collaborations
  • Search option 
  • Real-time synchronization 


  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Provides offline support 
  • Cross-platform availability 

Ending Thoughts 

Remote work is rising, and organizations must need the most effective tools for collaboration and productivity. As technology continues to improve remote working will definitely be in the demand in the future. A report from PwC says 86% of the finance and insurance will prefer to work remotely. Not only this but a study from Gartner says that around 80% of employees would recommend working remotely to their fellows. 

The market has many tools for starting out their virtual setup depending on what your requirements are. I wanted to provide you guys with the list of best tools that might do wonders for solving the challenges faced by remote workers. Hence, this post intends to provide you with an overview of some of the best remote tool that helps organizations to increase their productivity.

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Atul Naithani is an SEO Executive at CronJ, a Software development Company that helps businesses to develop web apps, mobile apps, blockchain solutions, and other custom software based on their needs. Atul is experienced in digital marketing and SEO.