WarnerMedia’s Asif Sadiq: ‘Brain Diverse’ Organizations Will Rule The Future

Asif Sadiq is Senior Vice President for Equity and Inclusion at WarnerMedia International, where he ensures diversity and inclusion is embedded in all elements of a business, resulting in innovative, creative and inclusive products and services for WarnerMedia’s more than 30,000 employees worldwide. Sadiq sat down with Joe Kornik, VISION by Protiviti’s Editor-in-Chief, to discuss the role of diversity and inclusion in the future of work.

Kornik: You’ve spent your entire career focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Before we talk about its future, I’m wondering where you see these matters currently?

Sadiq: When we look at diversity, I think it’s important to remember no person is defined by one singular dimension of diversity. Every one of us has multiple layers that make up our unique identities—someone’s female, bisexual, black or disabled. All these different elements create a unique identity. And therefore, the most important thing for me when I think about diversity is to start exploring it beyond a singular dimension because if we stick to a singular dimension within a workplace, we’re not seeing the whole picture of diversity. At most companies, diversity is based on the visible characteristics people see. The problem with that is you’re not truly understanding what matters to that person, and what will make them feel truly included in the workplace.

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