How Cookie Loss Is Affecting Enterprise Marketing Strategies

Marketers at big firms say the shift towards privacy and the depreciation of online cookies has had the greatest impact on their social media marketing and search marketing—and has also led them to invest more in those channels, according to recent research from Loyalty Research and Rep Data.

The report was based on data from a survey of 175 marketing leaders at Fortune 500 companies.

Most respondents say the move away from cookies and other identifiers by companies such as Apple has had a high impact on their social media marketing (67% say it has had a high impact), organic search strategies (64%), and paid search marketing (54%).

The loss of cookies' impact on marketing channels

As a result of the loss of cookies, most enterprise marketers expect to invest more budget over the next two years in social media marketing (83% expect to invest more), paid search (82%), and organic search (73%).

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