How Well Do B2B Firms Handle Routing Sales Leads?

Most B2B professionals say their organization sometimes assigns sales leads to the wrong person, according to recent research from Lean Data, Sales Hacker, Heinz Marketing, and Outreach.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted in December 2021 among 1,732 sales, marketing, and operations professionals at B2B firms.

Some 60% of respondents say leads are sometimes assigned to the wrong owner at their company, 5% say they are assigned to the wrong owner about half the time, and 2% say they are assigned to the wrong owner most of the time.

Only 32% of B2B professionals say leads are never assigned to the wrong owner at their company.

How often leads are assigned to the wrong owner at B2B companies

Two-thirds of respondents say they are happy with the process they have in place for matching leads to accounts, whereas a quarter say they are able to match leads to accounts but the process is slow and/or error prone.

Are B2B professionals happy with their lead routing process

Some 30% of respondents say that leads at their firm are manually routed by Sales or Operations, 25% say routing is handled by a marketing automation platform, and 25% say they have native assignment rules in their CRM.

How B2B businesses route their leads

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