The Content Preferences of B2B Buyers

B2B buyers say the top things vendors could do to improve their content are to curb the sales messaging and to create shorter pieces, according to recent research from Demand Gen Report and ON24.

The report was based on data from a survey of 174 executives (manager level and above) who work for B2B firms across a wide range of industries, including technology, professional services, and business services.

Some 39% of buyers say they’d recommend B2B vendors curb the sales messaging in order to improve content quality, and 37% say they’d recommend B2B vendors create shorter content.

Recommendations to improve the quality of B2B content

B2B buyers say the top things that make content memorable and trigger a sales call are when the pieces use data/research to support claims (51%) and when they tell a strong story that resonates with the buying committee (49%).

What makes content memorable

B2B buyers say they find research reports, case studies, and webinars to be the most valuable content formats/sources when researching purchases.

Most valuable content formats for making B2B purchases

B2B buyers say they tend to find shorter content such as infographics and blog posts most valuable early in the buying process.

Buyers say they find webinars most valuable in the middle of the buying process.

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